Liz Phair icons

liz phair icons
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here's where to go if you're lookin for or wanna show off some badass LP icons. or mediocre ones. or any at all. because liz phair is everything. i love her. god, i love her.

rules. i don't like rules. i don't really follow them. so there's not very many.
1. don't promote lotsa random shit cuz it'll annoy me.
2. don't be a dumbass.
3. no lj-cuts necessary. i hate lj-cuts.
4. if someone asks you to credit, just credit. i personally could not give a shit. but drama is stupid and unnecessary drama can easily be avoided. don't be an asshole, just do it. credit. please. if you are weird and don't know what that means, just ask someone. i could tell you right now but i'm not gonna. hahaha.